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Make your professional life swift and easy with PeopleQlik’s employee self-service solution.

PeopleQlik’s remarkable employee self-service module enables your employees to manage their routine tasks. It saves time and energy. Employee transactions for TAT has been greatly improved through automate process and approvals.

  • General
  • HR Management
  • Leave & attendance
  • Travel Management
  • Pay Data

Let your employees manage themselves with PeopleQlik ESS.

In essence, an Employee Self Service (ESS) system allows any employee to change their personal information, like contact info and bank details directly online. A comprehensive system, like PeopleQlik’s ESS, lets you configure your present information to your employees in a way that makes sense to them. A high level of functionality like this has a positive impact on your business and helps you:

  • Automate timesheets, job costing, leave and transaction management
  • Automate onboarding procedures, such as training and equipment requests for new recruits
  • Be more accurate with labour costs and control information and reporting in real time
  • Send out automatic notifications to make sure tasks get completed, events are scheduled and compliance is met,
  • AND you gain instant access to information (such as staff performance, KPIs and costings) to help managers make more educated decisions.

Employee Self Service (ESS), tightly integrates with your Payroll system and allows your employees to take care of certain tasks that would normally need to be completed by Human Resources personnel or management.

By putting some control back in the hands of your staff, Employee Self Service will help your organisation save many hours of labour time and increase efficiency.


Future proof your business with our Employee Self Service platform!

As part of our Human Capital Management ecosystem, we also take care of the transactional, compliance and helpdesk tasks associated with Payroll, HR and Workforce Management.
Enable staff to manage their data online

Employees can view and edit their contact details, leave requests, timesheets and more through the online employee portal.

Your workers can even specify multiple bank accounts and super funds so they get paid exactly how they want to.

Pretty neat, huh?


Leave Management

Your employees can view their leave history and balances at any time through the employee portal.

Leave requests can also be submitted via the employee portal and employees are notified as soon as leave is approved or declined.



Allow your employees to fill in their own timesheets, whenever and wherever they want to.

These timesheets can then be digitally approved by their manager before being imported directly into a pay run. This is a huge time (and cost) saver!


Payslips and Documents

Employees can access all their payslips and payment summaries online at any time.

PeopleQlik also allows payroll administrators to upload documents such as employment contracts or doctors certificates and make them available for employees to view online.


Get rid of costly, cumbersome paperwork!

The elimination of paper administration created by payroll process and employee requests saves so much time for HR and lots of money for the business!

Not only that, but you’ll see a huge improvement in the accuracy of employee information that’s being captured and the accessibility of information company wide — oh and reduction in compliance risk is a fantastic added bonus!


Why should a business have Employee Self Service?

On top of the features listed above, companies who aim to be more agile and digital savvy will be ahead of the competition with a tool like ESS. These days, new generations expect processes to be conducted online, so if you’re an employer that embraces change, you’ll be seen as an employer of choice!

In a nutshell, it’s all about creating a more engaging employee experience across your organisation. It’ll also make your payroll personnel happier – and that’ll put you in the good books!

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