Better transparency with leave management software in Saudi Arabia

You cannot expect employees to work 365 days a year. In addition to weekly vacations and holidays, employees will find some reason to request a license to attend personal matters, due to health problems or for any other reason. Companies may or may not grant licenses depending on their policies. The manual process involves the superior officer, either by sanctioning or denying the license. It could take a long time and could also lead to accusations of favoritism or prejudice. This is where Leave management software in Saudi Arabia is useful.


Leave the management 

Attendance management software in Saudi Arabia for managing licenses is generally automated, since an employee can access the browser-based self-service interface and make a request. You can even use your mobile phone from home to request permission in case of emergency and your immediate superior can see your request. Your immediate supervisor can easily review it against accumulated licenses or grant the license even if there is no balance in the applicant’s account. If a license is granted and it is a paid or unpaid license, the software carries out relevant processes that are reflected in the payroll and accounting calculation, so there is no possibility of error. Licenses can be granted automatically for a defined period and your balance and usage can be tracked. Employers can define licensing policies that apply to all employees in a uniform manner, thus ensuring transparency and satisfaction.

Leave management software in Qatar with behavior recognition Bio-metric solution

Else to create multiple types of licenses

In addition to defining policies, management can also incorporate various types of licenses into the license management system. Management can clearly define the license earned, sick leave, casual leave, marriage license, grief leave, maternity leave and others, and define whether or not to pay. It is possible to set limits for each type.


Performance management software in Saudi Arabia can be configured to establish parameters for licensing, defining restrictions, defining policies for weekend licenses and special religious holidays, as well as the processing of end-of-year licenses. A company can define vacations and publish a list in advance and also add restricted vacations to the list. If you have branches in several locations, then it is possible to create lists based on the location. Leave charge can also be defined. Employees know where they stand.


The HR software in Saudi Arabia can decentralize the licensing process. An employee’s license application does not always have to reach the top. Your immediate manager may be granted powers to sanction the license or refuse it. It  can focus on more strategic tasks.


In a company with hundreds of employees, it would become a task full of errors to compile permission reports manually.Payroll software in Saudi reduces errors to zero. The reports are accurate and accurate, especially when it comes to year-end processing.

HR Software in Saudi Arabia Processes that You can Automate

End of the year processing

HR software in Saudi Arabia allows you to configure year-end processing to be a fast and error-free process. One can automate the carry-over of license, collection or even negative balance. According to the analysis of the license operations of the current year, the company can modify any policy for next year.

Better transparency

Recruitment software in Saudi Arabia provides greater transparency. Employees can log in and view a full report of their license. Employers can print reports immediately without waiting for human resources staff to compile reports. This way there is no friction between employers and employees and increases productivity.

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