Performance Management Software in Saudi Arabia

Glamitt #1 Performance Management Software in Saudi Arabia | System is where HR experts, chiefs, and workers can center around surveying representative abilities, set objectives for execution, and track enhancements after some time.

Numerous organizations utilize a #1 Performance Management Software in Saudi Arabia | System to mentor representatives of all aptitude levels and residencies and to sort out and track execution evaluations yearly, quarterly, or through week by week beat refreshes. The greater part of this data gives HR workers and supervisors a reasonable perspective of the representative’s development in a present part. This conclusion to-end see frequently enables the group with bigger HR Software in Saudi Arabia activities to like progression arranging and work development.

Execution administration frameworks regularly incorporate or are firmly coordinated with LMS and worker commitment programming that gives groups a superior comprehension of individual and generally development toward objectives.

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Appraisal type, frequency
and period

Outline your review, frequency and time in an appraisal calendar for yearly, quarterly or project wise appraisals. Identify options, date and valid groups within your organization to evaluate, rate or simply analyze your employee’s performance for every review cycle.

Pre-defining goals &

Rating definition setup form enables you to outline your rating scales for all your aims and proficiencies.

Section configuration

Develop your rating formula with the help of formula builder. Configure the stages of required reviews and approvals, privileges for your role players and visibility aspects for particular section.

Managing appraisal

HR managers can utilize simple and intuitive manage template forms to define appraisal templates. You can add aims and competencies in your template, add weights and their percentage contributions for final rating calculation. You can label these templates to already described positions in your Human resource management software.

Initiate appraisal

Alerts and notification emails will be sent through a scheduler that allows appraisal forms to be available to employees near the appraisal date. Self-appraisal forms will be available for proper management of template whereas, goal setting forms will be available for fractional or blank template category. In order to help employees in attainting their aims we initiate goal setting process that enable them to develop or add default objectives, add measures, achievements and dates. Managers can edit, delete, add or approve these aims after its


Setup the normalization bell curve with the help of performance management software. It defines population, distribution and deviation for each rating and helps you to highlight valid groups. The bell curve demonstrates actual rating and guideline ratings. The shape of the curve changes as you manipulate employees rating data. The changing curve would allow you to work with the ratings until it gets fit in the guideline graph. Those who have not received rating ad hoc can be the part of bell curve through default ratings.


Evaluate scores, initial and final ratings, comments and suggestions through variant reports related to employees’ performance.

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