How Attendance Software in Khobar Riyadh Jeddah Saudi Arabia Can Transform The Customer Loyalty During COVID-19

PeopleQlik #1 Attendance System in Saudi Arabia can help to improve customer loyalty. Customer loyalty matters. According to Fundira, 43% of consumers spend more on retail brands than they are loyal to, and 65% of retailers’ business comes from existing customers. Simply put, retail brands that do not invest in converting shoppers into loyal consumers lose a lot of revenue. The good news is that consumers naturally want to stay loyal. In fact, 84% of American adults are loyal to their favorite retail brands.

PeopleQlik #1 Attendance Software in Saudi Arabia

The Must Have Features You Should Look in Attendance Software in Jeddah Makkah Madinah Saudi Arabia

The Must Have Features You Should Look in Attendance Software in Jeddah Makkah Madinah Saudi Arabia

Since it is very important for retailers to win their customer loyalty, savvy retailers are constantly looking for ways to improve loyalty programs. More retailers are turning to technological innovations to improve loyalty. Some businesses, such as Starbucks, have successfully implemented loyalty programs in their mobile app. But perhaps the most important retail loyalty technology is facial recognition. Attendance Software in Saudi Arabia offers some powerful advantages over current retail loyalty technology.

Here are five ways face recognition can change customer loyalty.

The phone number says goodbye

How many times have you told a stranger your phone number at a grocery store? For most people the number is in the thousands. This is not only time consuming, but also intrusive. But Attendance System in Saudi Arabia can automatically identify customers who opt into the loyalty program during checkout, without having to give a stranger their phone number.

Prizes in person

Loyalty programs often discourage consumers. But facial recognition systems can help retailers offer more targeted and relevant discounts. Although retailers often have a surprising visibility into buyers’ preferences when they shop offline, this visibility usually disappears when a customer visits a store. However, by using a facial recognition customer experience platform, retailers can track consumers’ shopping preferences and offer better rewards.

VIP service

One of the best ways to increase loyalty is to offer white gloves. Attendance System in Saudi Arabia can be used to instantly acknowledge VIP buyers when they walk into a retail store. Customer service personnel can then be made aware of their presence with reference details that enable them to offer better service. As an example, imagine a VIP shopper who is a wagon goes to a clothing store. When he enters the store, customer service professionals receive a warning in real time, which shows his past purchase history and note of not offering anything leather. Facial recognition is launching a new era of customer service that is sure to show loyalty to retailers who embrace this technology.


When Warren Buffett heads to McDonald’s for breakfast each morning, he slips between his three favorite orders. But many consumers have become more normal than Warren, whenever they go to their favorite retail food chain, they mix the same Grande Nun Foot Vanilla Latte or Egg Muffin or toasted bean sprouts with cream cheese. Are. Attendance Software in Saudi Arabia may enable people to opt in to an event where ordering begins when they walk into the store.

Drop the line

One of the best ways to ensure customers remain loyal is to remove the friction from their buyer’s journey. No one likes to wait in line. And allowing customers to skip lines is a great way to gain loyalty. Stores like Amazon Go have mainstreamed the “WhatsOut” technology. And facial recognition offers a way to allow consumers who opt to buy goods and leave lines using their faces.

It will probably be too soon to explicitly announce facial recognition as a magic bullet solution to build customer loyalty. However, this technology has barrels of unused potential for retailers to find new ways to turn consumers into repeat customers and repeat customers into brand evangelists.

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