Techniques for improving Human Resource : برامج الحضورفي السعودية

PeopleQlik #1 برامج الحضورفي السعودية The field of Human Resource Management is ever ever-changing and each department revolving around has realized the importance of human resource management for sleek business functioning. to reinforce business functions, these days several firms have come back up with the implementation of innovative techniques and tools within the field of human resource management. These HRM tools and techniques envision the improvisation of labor culture, enhancing business productivity, nurturing healthy and positive work culture, establishing clear business communication, and more.

PeopleQlik # 1 برامج الحضورفي السعودية

Techniques for improving Human Resource : برامج الحضورفي السعودية

Techniques for improving Human Resource : برامج الحضورفي السعودية

If one adopts the latest techniques of human resource management, it is sure that the company will succeed in surviving the tough competition of the modern world. Others who deprive of these tactics have to accept their defeat in the برامج موارد بشرية في السعودية race. In short, it is imperative that one whole-heartedly implements human resource management techniques in the business.

The latest Human Resource Development techniques include the following enlisted.

Flexi-time & Flexi-work

The range of hours in an exceedingly day, number of days in a  week, and work schedule once the employee must perform is generally expressed within the Job Description. The conception of Flexi-time has been introduced so as to suit the convenience of the employees while not poignant the structure functioning. Flexi-time could be a program that permits versatile entry and deed times for employees. Flexi-time will increase productivity, the decline in absenteeism, and a discount in ratio & increase in morale.


برامج موارد بشرية في السعودية is a program that enables flexibility in handling the sort of labor in varied departments of the organization an exceedingly|in a very} systematic manner by the worker throughout his tenure of employment in an organization. For example, a candidate could also be elected as a clerk within the department, and once 2 years he may be allowed to require up add the other department of the organization.

Training & Development

Organizations pay tons of your time and resources in training, developing, and educating their workers in tune with job awareness and organizations’ requirements. this is often largely because of the absence of linkage between trade and universities. Organizations within the future can establish their own academic institutes. These institutes will frame their course program to suit the wants of varied jobs in the organization as a whole. These institutes will proceed to ever-changing the course curriculum relying upon the changes in technology, work methods, production process, activities than on. The intake of those institutes depends on the exclusive requirements of the organization. once the completion of the course, the candidate are going to be awarded a certificate and absorbed by the organization. This management arrangement will mechanically watch out of the matter of state and underemployment. This arrangement will minimize the length of your time to be spent by the candidate in his academic process.

Management Participation in Employees’ Organizations

With the formation and recognition of workers’ organizations, the management cannot build unilateral selections that have an effect on employee relationships directly or indirectly. selections with reference to policies on employment, training, transfer, promotion, adoption of the latest technology, and so forth are not any longer determined by unilateral action of management and should now be mentioned with the representatives of employees’ organizations. selections on the policies and administration should still rest with management, however, they’re oft subject to question and criticism by union representatives underneath a proper grievance procedure. this method allows the 2 parties to exchange ideas, opinions, information, and data to grasp every other’s viewpoint, with an associate degree open mind and thereby avoid all misunderstandings. Thus, the برامج الرواتب في السعودية management representatives could give effective plans, suggestions, recommendation organization, and directions for sound management and functioning of federations and unions for the commonweal of each the parties.


It is an associate degree institutional method for resolving problems arising directly out of employer-employee relationships. Through dialogue, the 2 parties become tuned in to each other. staff ventilate their problems with reference to wages, worker advantages and {so forth|and so on|etcetera} whereas the management puts forth its demands regarding employee co-operation and commitment so on maximize its profits. Thus, the two parties discuss the matter and every party tries to resolve the issues of the other. The scope of collective bargaining is wider because the solutions for common problems will be found directly through negotiations between each of the parties.


برامج الرواتب في السعودية is the overall application that the house owners and/or their representatives manage the organization. however, most organizations have started permitting their workers to participate in management. it’s viewed that totally different parties involved with the structure activities can manage the organization through participation. Such a variety of management systems is named ‘Collaborative Management’. Employee participation in management was initiated to satisfy workers’ psychological needs, to develop a way of belongingness and loyalty to the organization.

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برامج الرواتب في السعودية is the law of nature. It is a necessary way of life in different circles. Though there may be some discontentment during the early days of the change, people learn to meet the changes and adapt themselves to the changing situations. The management in future will try to:

  • Give up the authoritarian style of leadership and adopt the participative style of leadership.
  • Follow the human relations approach and partnership approach towards employees.
  • Encourage creative skills and abilities and reward those talents.
  • Shift the emphasis from legal and rule bounded approach 
  • Participate in trade union activities; recognize human resource as a profit center and as a basic instrument to earn profits rather than as a cost center.
  • Understand the fact that human resource management will dominate all other functional areas of management.

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برامج الحضورفي السعودية
برامج الحضورفي السعودية
برامج الحضورفي السعودية
برامج الحضورفي السعودية

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