Radiology Machine Interfacing Software

As the industrial operations worldwide are becoming more complex and automated there is an increased demand of the Human Machine interfacing module. CloudPital’s human machine interfacing module allows you to fetch data from the instruments and keeps a record of them against all patients.

All digital instruments which are widely used in the healthcare field can be easily interfaced with CloudPital. Captured patient’s photographs are saved which are made by the digital cameras, and many laboratory monitoring equipments which are used for monitoring the vitals of the patients and interfacing with the radiology equipment are all well supported through the use of picture archival and communication system (PACS) technology. CloudPital offers reduced energy consumption, improved functionality, process improvement, operational visibility and provides information for better decision making. This makes an energetic environment for the improvement of cutting edge HMI programming.


  • X ray machines.
  • Ultrasound Machines.
  • Digital Bio-analyzers.
  • VCT and MRI Scanners.
  • Vital Signs, central and bed side Monitors.
  • Webcams (Various kinds).
  • Any other equipment based on compatibility.

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