Cloudpital brings out Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) specially tailored for the needs of your laboratory in saudi-arabia. With unimaginable number of hours spent in research and analyzation we come to know your needs, we know what’s best for your patients, we know what’s can make a lasting impression of your treatment on the patients and we know what is going to make you earn respect in the eyes of your patients because we care about you and we know that your practice is saving lives.
Managing a laboratory is a very challenging task and there is no chance of error under any situation. So it is best that the operation of laboratory should be under supervision of a software. Cloudpital Lab Management Software has the best features which will assist you in numerous ways possible




  • Intelligent Reception:

The patient will be directly recorded in software, hence there will be no hustle bustle of going through paper work. This can be called as Easy Check In.

  • Equipment Maintenance Record:

Manage the record of your expensive equipment in the software. Also manage the inventory of your equipment.

  • Smart Appointments:

The patients can set appointments over the phone or they can set online appointment with. This mean no more walk in patients who will be disturbing your routine plus you will also know your daily tasks beforehand.

  • Excellent Time Management:

Lab Management Software focuses mainly on time saving, the doctors can directly prescribe laboratory test and can view the test result remotely just an internet connection is needed. The operations going in a lab are very critical hence there is no chance of wasting any time.

  • Computer Generated Reports & Records:

You will be able to manage and update a patient credentials and also test reports. You can view test records of the patient also which will help the physician understand the medical history of the patient.

  • Smart Billing Process:

Patients can pay their bill via credit card or through online banking. No need to carry around cash.
Improved Working Environment: As the patients will come on their appointed time then there will be no extra crowd in the laboratory which provides a sound and improved working environment.

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