In patient ADT management Software

Cloudpital in patient ADT management solution let you to have hawk eye on all the management related tasks of patient throughout the whole continuum of care. It monitors the movement of the patient when the patient is admitted in a ward, shifted to another ward, room, OT or ICU and discharged from the hospital. The solution covers end-to-end functionality associated with the Patient right from the time of admission, through the length of stay until discharge, providing easy review of all the clinical and administrative processes of patient. It provides comprehensive data pertaining to admission of patients, Ward and nursing management, allocation of beds, collection of advance, planned admission and emergency admission.

Cloudpital ensures the seamless admission, discharge and transfer process of patient. It also provides and manages accurate information about availability and allocation of bed, room, and ward to the patient. Its powerful bed board management feature let you to plan the availability of beds in advance to monitor and manage patient admissions. You can never lose sight of the patient due to the in-built mechanism for tracking of patients from anywhere within the health care unit. Cloudpital solution enables you to let your patients have smooth and comfortable discharge process and it also ensures comprehensive discharge summary generation at the end.


  • Form for collecting concise data regarding patient.
  • Deep examination of patient condition.
  • Tools and techniques for effective decision making process.
  • Recording doctors and nursing notes for management.
  • Orders processing to respective departments in real time.
  • Billing process management.
  • Management of payments to third parties.
  • Ward and bed allocation and transfer.
  • E-prescribing of medicines.
  • Billing and final settlements.
  • Clinical packages management.
  • Bed and ward management
  • Admission request from doctor consultation
  • Automated calculation of bed charges based on the Transferred beds and timing
  • Expected Date and Time for Discharge
  • Doctor Transfer Details

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