Nursing and Wards Management Software

CloudPital Nursing and Ward Management software provides several modules which can be easily integrated into the existing system in order to provide facilities and remove redundancies from the system. It also provides interfaces to the nursing staff helping them in monitoring their wards which are on the same floor. Patients in operation theatres (OT) and intensive care units (ICU) are given special care and are continuously monitored along with tracking of the services provided to them. This not only ensures the services which are provided by the nurses in the specified ward but also helps in administering better patient care.

Integration of doctor’s workbench is also provided by CloudPital Nursing and Ward Management software to ensure that the departmental and clinical functionalities are performed properly. Ward schedules are planned along with the establishment of ward routines. It ensures a suitable environment is maintained as well as supplies and equipment are efficiently delivered in a hospital.


  • CloudPital Nursing and Ward Management software provides an efficient way of communicating with other departments including housekeeping, maintenance, security etc.
  • In order to monitor patient’s condition, comprehensive charts are prepared.
  • Patient’s location is confirmed and notifications are also sent to ancillary departments with the help of CloudPital Nursing and Ward Management software.
  • It provides notifications regarding the patient’s current status, pending arrival and etc.
  • The schedule of the operation theatre is notified in case of surgery along with any preparation needed.
  • CloudPital Nursing and Ward Management software also maintain records of discharge, admission and transfer at the wards in order to keep an updated bed census information.
  • It also provides ordering of real-time testing and medication of patients to the concerned departments.

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