What should you know about Ophthalmology EMR Software in Saudi Arabia?

CloudPital #1 Ophthalmology EMR Software in Saudi Arabia is widely used these days. An eye is a complex organ in the human body. The physicians who deal with the diseases and disorders of the eye are called Ophthalmologists and this field of medicine is called Ophthalmology.

CloudPital #1 Ophthalmology EMR Software in Saudi Arabia 

What should you know about Ophthalmology EMR Software in Saudi Arabia?

What should you know about Ophthalmology EMR Software in Saudi Arabia?


Due to many different complexities, the ophthalmologists need to keep track of many different things. They need to take care of individual patient cases, prescription slips, surgery and appointment schedules, notes, billings and many other hectic tasks on a daily basis. Their routine tasks also include sending and receiving test results, sorting and organizing patient files etc. To make all these tasks easy and to streamline their workflow, the ophthalmologists are switching to top specialty-specific Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software.

There is a wide array of options available in the market when it comes to Ophthalmology Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software. It is advisable to learn about the different features and functionalities of the software to have a good understanding of how a software works and what it has to offer. It also helps you cut down your list of choices before choosing an EMR Software in Saudi Arabia.

Features of Ophthalmology EMR Software

The following are some key features that you have to look out for before buying an Ophthalmology Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software system.

Ophthalmology Templates

The Ophthalmology EMR software must offer ophthalmology-specific templates for macular degeneration, blurred vision, laser correction surgery, glaucoma, ocular surgery, corneal transplant, corneal abrasion, cataracts etc.

Eye Graphics

The EMR software should offer visual detailed eye graphics. This helps the physicians in having a better understanding of a patient’s condition and makes the decision-making process easy.

Eye Care Device Integration

The EHR system must be able to integrate with practice’s auto refractor, keratometers and other visual field machines to streamline and make the workflow smooth and swift.

Prescription and Coding

The top EMR & E-Clinic Software in Saudi Arabia should be able to recommend prescriptions and ICD-9/CPT codes. This reduces the chances of errors and makes prescribing easier and efficient.

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