Cloudpital brings out E Clinic Software which is the product of best brains in our company. We at Cloudpital focus on the betterment of working environment and making it easy for you to handle your business. What will be the utmost help in the growth of company? It is extra customer care and efficient Services.
The top priority is patient care and minimizing waiting period of the patient. By providing better service to the patient, the patient will have the comfort at heart that he is in safe hands and the person dealing with him knows what he is doing. All these practices represent a professional environment which will develop a very good image of your business. E Clinic Software is devised according to needs of Clinics based in saudi-arabia.




Smooth Reception Procedure: The patient will be recorded at reception directly into Clinic Software, which will save time of the patient. The reception will be done in a smooth and automated way. Also there would be minimum paper work.
Online Appointment: The patients can set online appointment with you, this means no one will be disturbing you or your secretary for getting appointments. This allows a disturbance free work place where you can focus on your work. Multiple appointments can be set and hence you can know about your whole day’s work beforehand.
Less Queues: With the help of online appointments there will be very less queues as the patient will know his appointed time.

  • Patient Record:

In E Clinic Software you can add a patient with his name, age, blood type, residence and medical history this will give a proper thorough knowledge of the patient to the physician and much time will be saved from wrong diagnosis tests. Similarly you can update new information about a particular patient to his record.

  • Smart Billing Process:

The patient has the option of paying online or via credit card. No need to carry cash around.
Less Manpower: As the operation of clinic will be automated then it is understood that there will be minimum helping staff needed, this will increase your profits as you have less people to pay.

  • Custom UI Design:

You can set your menu or dashboard according to the liking of your eyes, the user interface can be designed completely custom.
Minimum Response Time: The response time will be minimized as there will not be any queues and patients know about their appointments.

  • Data Loss Prevention:

This is the most beneficial feature of Cloudpital Clinic Software, as we know that paper receipts can be lost, So Clinic Software records every patients information and whole medical history which can be used later. This will give more time in saving the life of the patient rather than wasting time in going through the slips of patients.



  • Appointments
    1. Clinic Management
    2. Appointments
  • Reception
    1. Patient Encounter
    2. Registration
    3. Walk-in Registration
    4. Invoice
    5. Refund Invoice
  • Consent Form
  • Surgery Consent

Medical Officer


  • Clinic Admin
    1. Procedures
    2. ICD
    3. Add Medicine
    4. Add Test
    5. General Instructions



  • Reception
    1. Patient Encounter
    2. Registration
    3. Walk-in Registration
    4. Invoice
    5. Refund Invoice



  • Clinical Examination
  • Visit History
    1. Vital Sign
    2. General History
    3. Specialized History
    4. Medical History
    5. Radiology Report
    6. Lab Report
  • Exam Template
    1. Cervical Spine
    2. Lumbar Spine
    3. Knee Examination
    4. Hip Examination
  • Operative Template
    1. Lumbar
  • Clinic Admin
    1. Procedures
    2. ICD
    3. Add Medicine
    4. Add Test
    5. General Instructions
  •  EMR
    1. Patient EMR
    2. E-Prescription
    3. Discount
    4. Lab Test
    5. Radiology Test



  • Organizational Settings
  • Location Management
  • Location Configuration
    1. Shift
    2. Doctors
    3. Users
    4. General Settings
  • Doctors Management
  • User Management [Multiple User roles for single user]
  • User Rights Management
    1. Administration
    2. Cashier
    3. Consultant
    4. Demo
    5. Doctor
  • Dropdown Lists Management
  • Company Management
  • Menu Management

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